Sunday, March 12, 2017

6 Tips to Master Those Perfect Penneys purchases

We all know that type. The Penneys shopper. The kind who somehow manage to pull together an Oscars worthy outfit so when you ask them where they got their top from and they hit you with the "Thanks hun, Penneys' line you can't help but feel somewhat cheated because why is it when you come out of Penneys all you've managed to buy is another pair a pyjamas, a packet of clips (because where are the other 6,588 packets gone), some ankle socks and other small fecky bits that all add up to a hundred odd quid? Sometimes life isn't fair. And another thing we need to get out of the way.... Penneys Mary Street. MY.GOD. I'm just short of giving myself a pep talk before I go in, there is just so much stuff everywhere.

So the next time you hit Penneys in that Saturday morning induced panic in a desperate search to find something to wear that night, or maybe you just have a few bits to pick up, stick to this guide and you'll blossom into a Penneys pro.  

1. Budget

I cannot stress this enough. We've all been there "sure its only 13 euro, they're practically paying me to wear it". Ok 1 they're not and 2, cheap priced clothing is evil. 13 quid here, 8 quid there, it all adds up and the person behind the till is just as shocked as you are for still, after your 568th time being there, feeling like you've been done every time you hit the cash point. It's inevitable, no matter how hard you try resist, you are going to go to Penneys at least every other time you go shopping. Even if you know what you want to pick up in Zara etc, you'll always throw the eye over Penneys because what if you miss out on a bargain?!?! Oh the despair. So here's what I do. Every month when I get paid I'll put aside a few bob to spend in Penneys itself, be that 50/70/100 quid. So once you determine your Penneys budget you're laughing (and fully entitled to go on an absolute mad one).

2. Don't go near the dressing rooms 

Not now. Not ever. Think about it, you're hot, you're sweaty and there's a queue the length of O'Connell Street for the fitting rooms. And, not to mention, the excessive amount of mirror that let's you see ugly sides of your face you never even knew existed. It's also a well known fact that dressing rooms are heated from the fiery pits of hell themselves. 
Heat = Swelling. You see where I'm going with this. Try your new wears on at home and return at a later date. Which brings me on to my next point....

3. Outfit choice

Unless you're making a day of it, dress in the least complicated items of clothing you posses... I'm talking leggings and a loose top. And if anyone asks, you're channeling the #Athleisurewear trend (Google it people). If you are going to brave the dressing rooms wear something you can shimmy in and out of quicker than you can say thanks hun, Penneys. Also, any sort of shoe choice that involves having to tie laces, leave them at home. Ok I literally sound like I'm advising people to rock into Penneys wearing a pair of pyjamas and slippers but sure don't people do that anyway *insert kermit but that's none of my business meme*.

4. Timing

If you think for one minute that slipping casually into Penneys at 12 o clock on a Saturday afternoon will be a somewhat pleasant experience you need your head checked. Get in and get out early if nothing else. You'll beat the queues, you'll beat the crowds and won't spend your entire visit trying to overtake that one person in front of you whose walking so slowly they're basically going backwards.

5. Go it alone

Listen, let's cut to the chase. Bring a friend and you end up helping her find a pair of plain black Penneys gym leggings. Like look Susan they don't exist so let's not waste any more of my precious time because I have money burning a hole in my pocket here ready to spend on stuff I definitely do not need. Be an independent woman who don't need no distractions and head in on your own.

6. Follow GizDat on Facebook/Instagram and encourage all your friends/family/neighbours/dogs to do the exact same

;) ;) 

I am a self obsessed Penneys shopper myself. So why not avoid the hassle of rummaging through the piles of clothes in front of you and just check my page every waking minute of the day to see what they have in stock. I go in every week and trawl through the crowds like an absolute trojan so let me dzo your dzirty werk. Also, there are a number of other pages like mine that are self proclaimed Penneys enthusiasts. Take lazy to another level and let these pages work for you.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

B*tch I'm back, by popular demand

Bless me bloggers for I have sinned, it has been two years since my last blog post.

Watch out

So this is it, I've decided to become a born again blogger and try my hand at this aul typing thing. Do people even read blogs anymore? Who isn't a blogger these days? And why has nobody figured out who Dublin Girlo is yet? Tzzzzoo many questions, not enough time. 

I suppose I better introduce myself and we can finally get cracking. I am a 25-year-old, recent Masters graduate from Dublin, currently doing an internship in digital marketing. When I started my internship I decided to take a break from my page and to be honest, I'll probably have to take more further down the line because this whole blogging craic takes up a lot of time! Don't get me wrong, I'd love to do this full time but I also want to focus on my career, Vogue howaya (I'm talking Lauren from The Hills intern vibes)


Love a bit of fashion, love a bit of the Kardashians and am prone to a serious Penneys purchase every now and again. I can not be held responsible for my actions once I enter Zara and think some of the girlo shops in the Ilac centre are seriously underrated, no honestly. 

I started GizDat back in 2014 with every intention to begin my blogging empire... And here I am writing my third blog post in 3 years. Grand. 

The whole point to my Facebook slash Instagram page (which you can find here) is to show you whats in the shops at the moment without having to leave the comfort of your own home. So every week I trek into town and take a few snaps of new stock, bits I like and the odd gas thing.

Don't get me wrong, I am a serial online shopper but I just think it's good to know what bits are in town at any given moment because who can deal with 3-5 shipping days sometimes, amiright?!

I am going to use this blog to make you buy things that you never knew existed, become a brand ambassador for some random tea, show you what I wore down to Tesco to buy a slice pan and eventually have a series of exciting meetings that I can't tell you about only to announce my own masterclass that will cost you your life to attend.

Hope you enjoyed my words huns.
Stay tuned,

Giz x

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Guide to Online Shopping!!

I'v been racking my brains the last few days in regards to what to post next on my blog! 
Several of the people who follow my page GizDat have contacted me and asked me where exactly I buy clothes online, sooooooo I decided to compile a list of my fav online shops. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love going into actual real-life shops but theres something about online shopping that I enjoy waaaay more. Probably due to the fact that Im lazy but equally also due to the excitement of receiving a package in the post. (Can literally pinpoint the exact time Asos deliveries get to my door so I never miss a delivery... Swear to god its a skill!) 

While online shopping is very addictive, the more you look the more you'll find, it just takes time!! 
The best way to shop online is to be very specific in what you're looking for i.e. black long-sleeved crop top, instead of just sticking black top into Google and hoping for the best. 

Another handy tip is to refine your searches!!! On most clothing websites it'll give you an option to select: Size, Colour, Style etc etc. These options are here for a reason people!! The more you refine your search, the better the results so keep all this in mind next time you go looking for an outfit! 

A lot of sites like Asos, Missguided etc now do the greatest return service known to man so if youre a little weary about whether you'll buy something online purely for the fear of returning it, FEAR NO MORE!! By clicking into the returns section on these sites you'll get the full rundown. This new parcel drop off service (offered by a lot of online sites) literally means it could not be easier! Simply pick the closest drop off point to you from the list, print the label, pay whatever the charge is (generally 3/4 euro) and drop it off! Simples :)

And last but not least, there is no better feeling than looking like a hobo, stuffing your face and doing it all in the comfort of your own home whilst scouring the internet for something to wear for the weekend. I think its safe to say that online shopping is both a curse and a godsend! 

Are you all still with me?! Ok!!! 


Literally the be all and end all of online shopping!! Here is where you need to be specific! There is so much of everything its a little easy to get overwhelmed, so just keep cool and refiiiiine! Also it's a good idea to sign up for an account as Asos always have discount codes goin (even if it does encourage more spending) 


If money was no object my whole wardrobe would be filled with every single item of clothing from NastyGal! Expect to find some amazing bits from this site that you'd never come across on Henry street (Thats for sure) You do have to pay a good bit for delivery so unless you're rolling in it don't expect to find any bargains here. Sometimes I just like to go and have a look at the stuff, maybe have a little cry at the price annnnndddddddddd.... close tab ! 


Why more people don't know about Choies! This site has to be seen to be believed. Between the prices and variety I can never have enough Choies in my life. Word of warning: this is a Chinese website so the sizes can be a bit obscure... Iv been buying clothes off Choies for months so it took a little while to figure out exactly what fits me. And sure look, if something doesn't fit it aint the end of the world!!! eBay and Depop exist for these exact reasons :) 

Lavish Alice

A fav of the stars (swear I was bestos with them) Lavish Alice is doing it right, whatever that is they are doing!! Do you ever hear 'fashion people' bangin on about "statement pieces"?? Well this is the site to get them off. Their stuff is unique and could almost be described as affordable designer-ish pieces? (You know what I mean) 


I was a little late on the Missguided train. Never bothered with the site because I thought it was a crappier version of Asos and my loyalty lay elsewhere. Well WOW was I wrong!!! I like to think of it as the affordable man's Topshop. And you're always guaranteed to find a good two-piece. 

So yeahhhhh, these are my go to sites for online shopping!! Of course theres the more obvious ones: River Island, Zara, Topshop etc etc but when Im looking for something a bit different I tend to visit the above! 

There are also a number of other sites I often frequent (ooo check me out) i.e. Pretty Little Thing, Pixie Market, Rat & Boa, And Other Stories, Urban Outfitters, Motel Rocks. 

Hope you enjoyed reading ! 

GizDat x 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Welcome welcome!

Welcome to my first blog!! I still have no clue what Im really doing so I'm just gonna whack a load of pictures together and see how things go...

Please note I am no trendy wendy. I like buying & looking at clothes just as much as the next person and in no way think I'm some mad fashionista!

If you've actually read this far you go girl! 

The Fringe/Tassel Bag 

If you follow my FB page (GizDat) you may have noticed I like everything and anything with a fringe/tassel!! Heres a few of my fav that I spotted online plus a few you can get your hands on! Yay!

If you've seen any fringe bags for sale (in Dublin & surrounding areas in Ireland) please comment below! 
I want this to be a blog that people contribute to & help others find certain items of clothing and/or accessories. Because lets face it, theres only so much 1 person can find so why not help each other :D


GetDat with GizDat

Thanks for reading :) #GizDat